Yoga teaches us that there is another potential of the mind, an inner movement that extends our awareness beyond our human frontiers to the cosmic. The aim of Yoga is to discern the eternal essence of consciousness from the changing outer names, forms and quantities of the external world.

Yoga consists not merely of an intellectual examination but a profound meditative inquiry. Yoga is correlated with samadhi, the ultimate stage of Yoga practice. Samadhi is the state of unity consciousness in which the mind’s agitation is put to rest, and comes to function like a mirror to reflect the truth of reality.

conscious community

Conscious Community

We the people of Yoga Sapien are a conscious community of heart-centered individuals. We are forever inspired by the sacredness and interconnectedness of all things.

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Sacred Spaces

A space for you to deepen your mind, body, and soul connection. Yoga empowers us to connect more authentically and intuitively - to our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves. Our goal is to create a sacred space for your yoga practice and spiritual growth. Evolve with us.

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Summer of Samadhi

Yoga & music festival with Yoga Sapien. Free yoga, live music, local food, and hand-crafted foods. Family & pet friendly. We are now accepting vendor applications!

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