Local Laguna yogis, Liz Campbell and David Taylor creatively merged their ideas, talents and passions together to give Laguna Beach an authentic yoga studio that it deserves! The intention behind the creation of Yoga Sapien is in the name, which encompasses all humans and suggests that yoga is an imperative component to a more conscious human evolution.

Our dream is to offer this incredibly conscious-hungry community the encouragement to discover a deeper internal practice, and to hold space for ALL BODIES no matter the physical limitations. In support of this vision, we offer a broad spectrum of class styles and endless modifications to compliment every level of practice. Liz and David have teamed up with top-notch and highly experienced yoga instructors to bring a warm and eclectic vibration to anyone who walks through the doors.

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha!

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conscious community

Conscious Community

We are a conscious community of heart-centered individuals. We are forever inspired by the sacredness and interconnectedness of all things.

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Our Sacred Space

Our space was designed with our conscious community in mind - to be a sanctuary that supports a spiritual evolution through connection of mind, body, and soul. Through this connection, we are able to live a more authentic and balanced life, and support the growth of ourselves and those around us. Evolve with us!


Summer of Samadhi - Free Event!

On Saturday, August 24th, we are taking over the upstairs parking lot of the Boat Canyon Shopping Center with live music, local vendors and only the best vibes! FREE YOGA will be held in our spacious Ganesha Room!