Class Descriptions

DYNAMIC VINYASA: Vinyasa, sometimes referred to as the "breathing system", is a gradual progression of movements led by breath, that mindfully and systematically guide the student from posture to posture. We designed this class to be multi-dimensional and for anyone who enjoys a lighthearted, creative and ever-changing flow in its rawest form. The origin of this Hatha ("ha" meaning sun and "tha" meaning moon) practice requires the body to gradually heat up and then cool down so that you can appropriately explore and advance your physical range of motion. The asanas (physical postures) offered in this class range from foundational to challenging, with the intention to increase strength, flexibility and balance in the body while cultivating peace of mind. Resting and modifying your postures is an imperative part of honoring your body and cultivating a personal connection with your practice.

GENTLE VINYASA:In this class, we take the foundational qualities of a Vinyasa class (breath linked to mindful movements), modify the postures to a more mellow approach and then slow everything down. The synchronization of breath and movement helps increase awareness, calm the nervous system and quiet the mind. Perfect for beginners or anyone who enjoys a more meditative flow, Gentle Vinyasa gives space for students to gradually and safely increase strength and physical mobility without overworking the body or feeling rushed in any way.

SOUL POWER VINYASA: Combine the classical foundation of Hatha yoga with a power-based flow and you've got Soul Power Vinyasa! This mindful, yet strength-building class is designed to challenge you on a physical and mental level, no matter where you currently reside in your practice.  Expect to move and breathe at an unhurried pace while you discover the body's physical limitations and deepen the inner connection among the mind, body and soul.

SUNRISE SADHANA: Greet the morning sun with an hour of Sadhana, or ego-transcending, spiritual practice. In this 60-minute class, we will guide through a series of morning yogic practices including stimulating postures and traditional breathing techniques to energize, strengthen and balance the mind and body and prepare you for your day. You can be mellow or challenge yourself in this multi-level class.

SUPPORTIVE CHAIR YOGA: Supportive Chair Yoga is intended anyone with reduced physical mobility who wants to experience a balanced yoga class while using the support of a chair. This 60-minute class will help you safely explore and expand your physical range of motion as you practice conscious awareness, mindful breathing and gentle, well-rounded yoga postures.

YACHT ROCK YOGA: Ahoy Yogi Yacht-Rocksmen and women! Tune up those hammys to the smooth grooves of Ambrosia, Christopher Cross, Toto, and Kenny Loggins, to name a few. For this multi-level mellow flow we keep the emotions light, even when the sentiment turns sad. You’ll leave this class fired up and ready to rock!
“The moonlit wings reflect the stars that guide me towards salvation
I stopped an old man along the way
Hoping to find some long forgotten words or ancient melodies
He turned to me as if to say, "Hurry boy, it's waiting there for you”
-Toto (Africa, 1982)

YAMUNA BODY ROLLING: Yamuna® Body Rolling is a fitness system that combines deep tissue massage, body alignment techniques and breathing to realign and release tension in the muscles, bones and connective tissue of the entire body. Using 6-to-10 inch air filled balls, and the dynamic power of your own body, you will learn simple, effective routines to improve flexibility, strengthen and lengthen muscles, tendons and ligaments. Whether you are an elite athlete searching for effective cross-training and targeted injury prevention, or if you are experiencing discomfort from pain or injury, this class is for you.

Release & RestorePerfect just before bedtime, this class is all about slowing down and meeting the body at a comfortable yet noticeable edge to effectively enhance the body’s range of motion while heightening mental awareness. This restorative all-level class incorporates an intentional series of grounding yoga postures that are held for a minimum of 3 minutes to allow the physical body to effectively create space by practicing stillness, reflection,and surrendering to gravity. A peaceful atmosphere is created when we pair these postures with deep, mindful breathing, which is conducive to restoring the balance in the parasympathetic nervous system and appropriately prepares the mind and body for deep sleep.