After years of intense training for various sports, came many injuries-, which is what led me to yoga. I have had a consistent practice every since my first yoga class in 2013. Understanding what real connection to myself and to my surroundings is, is what kept my interest. After my teacher training in 2014, my interest in working with the body became more of a passion. I have years of education in kinesiology, body mechanics, and movement as well as being a proficient body worker in multiple types of eastern and western massage and healing modalities. My classes work very attentively with breath and proper body mechanics. Finding the 3-point connection in each pose (body, mind, and spirit) is what I work my students toward. Diving deeper into self and self-awareness. Understanding that having awareness of body, mind, and spirit is a life-changing tool, which you will gain access to with a consistent practice and committed guide. I produce my classes for all levels, so come enjoy as either a first time yogi or as an experienced practitioner.