My Journey began in 2007 when I first discovered Hatha Yoga. While working at Laguna Beach's iconic vegan restaurant, The Stand Natural Foods, I spent a lot of my free time exploring and refining my practice. After a few years of looking forward to a new direction, the stars had aligned, and my yoga teacher career was born in 2012 when I received my first teaching certification and began teaching at Ritual Yoga in Laguna Beach.

During my five year period of working and teaching at Ritual Yoga, I trained for my 500 hour certification in Bali, studied Devanagari Sanskrit on the island of Kauai and became certified to teach Aerial Yoga in Hollywood, California.

My classes emphasize the importance of practicing continual awareness to create a union of mind and body through movement and breath, varying from gentle and restorative to a more physically demanding Vinyasa.

I believe yoga is designed for everyone, and is a system that can not only be used to shape and strengthen the body, but more importantly enhance the mind and ultimately create a better quality of life. This philosophy is reflected in all of the classes that I teach, making them welcoming for people who are just beginning their practice, as well as the most advanced practitioners.