Lynzi Olivera

Lynzi, a Southern California native, holds a BA in Dance and a BA in Psychology from Chapman University in Orange, CA. Her passion and love for dance and people lead her to travel the world, and allowed her the privilege of training with world-renowned dancers and choreographers. However, throughout her dancing career, she struggled with back injuries that developed her obsession with creating a strong and functional body. Alongside teaching dance and fitness classes since 2011, she developed and taught restorative classes based on "dancer tricks" she had discovered throughout the years - that is, until she found Yamuna Body Rolling. Not long after her first YBR class, she registered for the training and became a YBR Practitioner.

"Yamuna is unlike any therapy practice I have ever tried. The work made such a profound change in my body, that I became passionate about sharing it and helping others discover what it means to live without restrictions in their own bodies. Your body is meant to support you in reaching your goals, not restrict you from them. So come roll with me, because it couldn't make me happier to spend my time helping you achieve success." -Lynzi Olivera

Wed 9:30 am Yamuna + Yin