Tues/Thu 7:30 pm Flow + Stretch  Tu 11:00 am Next Level Vinyasa

Tues/Thu 7:30 pm Flow + Stretch

Tu 11:00 am Next Level Vinyasa

Paige Hattesohl

For Paige, yoga started out as purely a physical practice to supplement and improve her many athletic interests. However, it didn’t take long before she realized that yoga went way beyond the physical, and deep into the mental and spiritual realms. At this point, she was hooked and knew from the depth of her soul that yoga would forever be a part of her life. After nearly 8 years of her own personal practice, she decided to follow her heart’s calling and become a yoga instructor herself, to positively change others’ lives the way that yoga has changed her own.

As a teacher, Paige first ensures that her students find proper alignment in poses, and then, she strives to help them go beyond just the physical asanas and move deeper into their breath practice so they leave feeling at peace with themselves and the world around them. She meets her students where they’re at and helps them build from there, setting up a strong, solid foundation from which to grow and develop as a human being. Her goal is to encourage people to adopt a yoga lifestyle both on and off the mat, in order to achieve a true balance of mind, body, spirit. She firmly believes that yoga has the power to change the world, one breath at a time.